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We have all heard our mom's say, "I use to wear those back in the day," but instead of giving the standard eye roll we decided to dig into the fashion archives and see how fashion trends have evolved.  If anything, it is sure to provide some entertainment and hopefully some killer style inspo!

DenimDenim Trend Evolution

Nobody thinks of all over denim without a Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears 2001 AMA flashback.  As they say, “too much of a good thing, is bad," but luckily for these two, even the worst wrongs seem right.  The same can be said about the 90’s, although as nineties children, we are impartial.  Jessie Spano’s take on the denim trend can easily make any person, “So excited!”  Clearly one of her favorite looks, Jessie takes chambray shirts to the next level with the right details.  If you are not sure if her baggy approach is right for you, slim it down, and add a pair of high heels to make the outfit more feminine like Olivia Palermo.

MetallicMetallic Trend EvolutionIt may have been years since good metallic has ‘shone’ its face, but those days are over.  This trend has evolved from a staple of the futuristic and is making it's mark on fashion accessories, red carpet dresses, and even ready-to-wear.  Chanel’s F/W 1994 Runway designs prove they found a new place for Gold other than just hardware on its Classic Quilted bag, while Alexander McQueen took the simplistic route debuting silver lame in S/S 1998.  If you want to flirt with this fashion trend try taking a page from Peter Som’s fashion book as he demonstrates a more laid back metallic trend on this season’s S/S runway. This trend works best by mixing the over-the-top look with basic fabrics.  Get current outfit inspiration here!


Headscarf Trend EvolutionStyles and trends are sure to evolve on such a fashion iconic show such as Sex and the City.  Who better to show you how to incorporate a unique trend like the headscarf, than Carrie Bradshaw?  She wasted no time taking the headwrap fashion risk in the first season, wearing it as an alternative to a headband or hair tie in a stand out color.  Fast forward 5 years later, it is worn as a clear statement piece.  Finding the right accessory for any outfit can be seen as a challenge, but luckily a new trend has been added to the fashion book to choose among this summer 2015.  Click here to learn how to appropriately tie yours for your next outing.

Wear gauchos in the early 2000's? Or how about jean skirts?  If so, we want to see them!  Post your throwback photos on instagram with the #TrendFlashback to share.


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