Topshop Endless Summer

Top Shop Endless Summer

In a city like New York, there is never a shortage of things to do, but it can often be difficult to find something fun that is also free.   Luckily, thanks to Top Shop and their Endless Summer events, we got so much more than just another free event.  Held at different venues throughout the country, the UK originated brand brought good music, food, and entertainment to Los Angeles, Houston, San Diego, and Atlanta this summer.  We were excited to join the final party held at Freehold in Brooklyn, New York.  All one had to do was be proactive and RSVP online or visit a local store for a wrist band.  It presented no challenge to us style seekers, except for maintaining the discipline to not purchase the whole store on our visit!  

Beyond the pleasant decor, Freehold offered the perfect location for the eclectic attendees.  The venue has outdoor space for you to embrace summer nights in NYC, booths for intimate socializing, and a dance floor to showcase talent.  DJ sets from Anand Wilder of Brooklyn's own Yeasayer to an indie pop performance by Hannah Cohen, there was always something to entertain you or expand your typical Saturday night horizons.  Not a single element was missed, down to the cookie table.  Check out some pics below for your inside to the venue and performers. 

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Our love for Top Shop extends beyond great parties, to it's incredible collection season after season.  Since we felt they gave us so much on Saturday, it seems only fair to share some of our Top Shop Have to Have its, so you too can feel the Top Shop love. 

Asymmetrical top and flares

Knitted Top and Flared Pants

Military Romper

Khaki Romper

Fringe Leather Bag

Fringe Leather Bag


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