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It is no secret fashion trends have made a statement more than once on the runway since NYFW's start in 1943 and unless you are Anna Wintour and get the inside scoop of every designer's inspiration for their collection, we can only assume past fashion faux-pas may influence the seasonal style upgrades.  As consumer's it is beneficial to see how these looks have evolved over the years to not only avoid making the same mistakes, but even mimic the winning looks. 

Menswear Inspired

Menswear Inspired

One doesn't become a prominent figure in pop culture for over 30 years without mastering both music and movies, but Janet Jackson has gone beyond that, adding fashion icon to the list.   Her record breaking Rhythm Nation hit not only helped to create unity through music and dance, but it bridged the gap between men and woman's fashion.  Introducing military style, she proves sex appeal is possible without baring it all, as well as equalizes status among genders.  In 2002, her tremendous talent is validated by a special award at the Grammys and she accepts it with style in an understated suit in white. She doesn't shy away from the menswear trend even today, showing off her assets by adding a belt to accentuate her curves and choosing an off the shoulder blazer.

1970's Style

 1970s Style

Everyone knows the iconic wrap dress designed by Diane von Furstenberg, but few know its inception was in the 1970s.  Perfect for the shopper that wants to flirt with the 70s trend, the wrap dress in a psychedelic print offers the perfect amount of flare without having to succumb to bell bottoms.  If you prefer to leave the prints at home, opt for jewel tones in satin and velvet fabrics similar to Kate Moss above for a more glam 70's look.  We can't all be Jay-Z and "rock Tom Ford," but we can be inspired by Tom Ford's debut collection for Gucci and pretend to adopt his designs prior to his rap song fame.  What better way for a trend to evolve than through iconic and rapper endorse designers, making Anna Sui's current 1970's inspired designs a no-brainer.

Off the Shoulder

Off the Shoulder

As the Oscar's approach and the red carpet is anticipated, we feel confident in predicting the off-the-shoulder trend is sure to make an appearance.  It is rare that a neckline that eludes sex appeal in a classy way will not make the best-dressed list.  Often the focal point, the off-the-shoulder feature is both seasonless and occasionless.  Geena Davis didn't hesitate in showing off her collar bone, and if the blue satin isn't for you, it sure complements that Oscar.  Penelope Cruz chose a more ageless option in a darker color with star studded details appropriate for the event, while Reese mimicked Geena's hue with colorblocking accents.  No matter which look is preferred, one can guarantee a timeless look.

Wear gauchos in the early 2000's? Or how about jean skirts?  If so, we want to see them!  Post your throwback photos on instagram with the #TrendFlashback to share.


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