Skirt Granny Chic

Oversized cardigans, boxy bags, and upholestry fabric make the granny fashion trend chic for the season, but not all fashion followers find these elements stylish, with most of you voting to skirt the trend.  Luckily, we found a few stylish ladies from different parts of the country that we are convinced will have you flirting with the trend before you can pin on your first brooch.  See below the many ways this fashion trend is styled.  Full Final Forecast results here.



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A change to a typical black ensemble, Kerrie Burke offers a colorblock of fall colors in different fabrics to create a refreshing granny trend inspired look.  She reminds us that balance is key by maintaining modern-day glamour with flowing locks, oversized sunglasses, and a bold lip.



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Opting for bolder colors, Rachel Martino of, adds a seventies twist to her granny style.  Her loafers not only complement the trend, but they also allow her to wear a shorter hem in her embroidered dress making the outfit wearable for day or night!



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Valerie Dittner of, took the classic approach to the featured fashion trend draped in a trenchcoat and knit cardigan.  Grandma has always found a way to combine traditional and fabulous and Valerie mirrors just that in preppy loafers and printed pants complete with the perfect top knot. 


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One look at Johanna Grange's suede Mary Jane's will have any hesitant trend shopper running for the mall to marry her look.  We can't give all the credit to the shoes however, the ideal tailor (Grandma perhaps?) allows the bold colors to be on display, including the sheen in the pant. 



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Grandma would never leave the house without her fur stole and neither will Tamryn of Her cropped jacket offers versatility for the season and the necessary length to pair with her pleated skirt. She pulls the outfit together with booties and a structured bag.

Get more outfit inspiration here: Style Tips.  Share your looks using the hashtag #FlirtGrannyChic.


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