Marry Puffer Coats

Fashion meets functional in the puffy coat, which is a rarely seen attribute on the fashion week runway and people everywhere are relieved. Whether staying warm or looking hot is your goal, the quilted jacket is the key and everyone agrees, voting to marry the runway fashion trend. See below the many ways this fashion trend is styled.  Full Final Forecast results here.



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Combining the snowboots trend is a necessity when snowfall hits, and that is exactly how Amanda Brevosky styles her puffy coat.  Choosing a lighter sweater and hat, allows for the coat to stand out.  Her matching, red lip and curled do add glam to the winter wonderland.



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Sporty and bold collide in Grace Wainwright's Patagonia quilted coat. She complements the color with a printed sweater and mirrored sunglasses, making her look appropriate for a day at the ski lodge or running around town!



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It is no secret that Colorado isn't short of a few snowfalls, which could cause frequent wear of your warmest jacket.  Leah Behr of avoids outdoor wardrobe monotony by layering.  She adds a printed coat overtop her quilted jacket to guarantee warmth and style status.  Her bright beanie, gloves, and lipstick are nothing short of fabulous. 



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When staying warm is the goal, it can often be difficult to bring your style game, but Tamara Waterson won the challenge.  Not only did she choose a quilted coat masterpiece featuring a faux fur hood, her selection of leggings creates a shaped and sleek look.



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Perhaps Jenna of escaped from LA to the snow fallen streets purely for the chance to wear her perfectly purple puffy coat, wouldn't you?  The plum color is a regal alternative to the traditional black seen in this fashion trend, while still having the ability to go well with any color when coordinating your outfit.  

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