Flirt Decorative Tights

Just because the winter chill is setting in and tights have been added to the wardrobe lineup doesn't mean it has to be boring.  Decorative tights are the basic black alternative and were voted Flirt by ladies across the country.  An easy way to add flair, printed panty add a fun element any outfit.See below the many ways this fashion trend is styled.  Full Final Forecast results here.



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There are more ways to transition away from black tights than just printed hose.  Try colored tights like Sasa of  Complementing her plaid skirt, she styles her tights and boots by wearing different shades of a winter plum to create dimension.  Keep the top neutral to maintain the focus on the skirt, tights, and boots.



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Just becuase you are flirting with decorative tights, doesn't mean you need to downplay the rest of the outfit.  Krystal of, adds a playful touch with her panty hose to an already festive and fun dress.  She is careful to choose a simpler pair to keep from looking too busy.



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Expand your wardrobe options beyond skirts, pants, and dresses in the winter like Thida of by choosing a pair of shorts.  Her fishnets make her high-waisted shorts season appropriate, as well as add sex appeal.  Tall boots and a fur jacket are sure to keep her warm!



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Everyone knows a LBD is a wardrobe staple and no matter the style is sure to impress, but on your next outing take it up a notch with fun tights like Sydne of  The decorative, polka dot tights diversify her look and are sure to make her stand out.

Get your decorative tights now: Shop Decorative Tights.  Share your looks using the hashtag #FlirtDecorativeTights.


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