Indie Patches

The origin of the patch trend wasindividuality and expression, slowlyadding to a rad collection of uniquepieces of a personality.  Create yourown collection of cool, trendy patcheswith these lust-worthy pieces byindependent artisans and shops.

Style Influence

It is no secret fashion trends havemade a statement more than once on therunway since NYFW's start in 1943 andas consumers it is beneficial to seehow these looks have evolved over theyears to not only avoid making thesame mistakes, but even mimic thewinning looks. Click here to see theevolution of three of winter's hottest

Flirt Decorative Tights

Just because the winter chill issetting in and tights have been addedto the wardrobe lineup doesn't mean ithas to be boring.  Decorativetights are the basic black alternativeand were voted Flirt by ladies acrossthe country.  An easy way to addflair, printed panty hose add a funelement to any outfit.

Long Coats

The maxi trend is expanding beyondskirts to coats this winter. Elongating the silhouette, longcoats create a sleek and classic look. Ensure your legs stay warm andshop coats here!

Marry Puffer Coats

As cooler weater set in, it is nosurprise you voted to Marry the puffercoat trend.  It may be lightweight,but it is mighty in fighting thefrigid temps, as well as being astandout wardrobe addition. 

Winter Trend Style

Every week we bring you a new trendto vote on that has been featured atfashion week, but we are confidentsome trends are a must flirt, makingvoting not necessary. So, on the heelsof the Golden Globes, we pulledtogether our favorite red carpet looksutilizing key winter trends seen onthe runway for your style

Skirt Granny Chic

Oversized cardigans, boxy bags, andupholestry fabric make the grannyfashion trend chic for the season, butnot all fashion followers find theseelements stylish with an overwhelmingmajority skirting this trend. Luckily, we found a few stylishladies that we are convinced will haveyou flirting with the trend before you


Put a pin on it.  So long danglyearrings and boring lapels, thanks tothe granny trend, the brooch is backand making a statement.

New Year's Eve

When you ring in 2016 this NewYear's, give hotline bling an entirelynew meaning. Show off your dance movesin our New Year's Eve dress picks!

Gwen Stefani

This season of TheVoice is one of the bestseason’s yet, and there is no doubtour girl Gwen certainly is at thepulse of the ratings spike. Every lookis styled to perfection and ifyou’ve been watching The Voice tosee Gwen kill it with the fashion, canwe get a “Hollaback Girl?!”

WISH LIST Under $25

How many times have you thought, "Ireally need a new makeup bag or basicblack scarf for this outfit?" Getthese items, all under $25, on yourshopping list.  Whether you aregiving or receiving, nobody will bedisappointed.

WISH LIST Under $50

The most covetable gifts for thisholiday season for under $50.

WISH LIST under $100

We pulled together an essentialguide so for the annual gift exchangesin your life, you can ask for reallycool, useful things, guaranteed to bethe best presents ever. Check out ourpicks for under $100.

Velvet Crush

People everywhere are crushing onthe velvet trend this fall.  Checkout our velvet shopping picks for thistop Fall fashion trend!

Skirt Victorian

Frilly details, high necks, andbold accessries made their way acrossthe country as certain ladies flirtedwith romance, but the majority of youhave a fear of committment and skirtthe Victorian trend.


Flirt with Victorian and embracefemininity with our lace shoppingpicks!  This season there is no limitto lace in your fall 2015wardrobe.

Flirt 70's

Saturday night fever has spreadacross the country causing ladies toflirt the 70's trend!  Pants aregetting wider and blouses are gettingbolder from coast to coast.

Trend Recap

To kick off fashion month, let'sflashback to last year's runway styleand see how we flirted with thoselooks this Spring and Summer 2015, aswell as predict which trends are hereto stay.  

Fall Jackets

Now that Labor Day has come andgone, Fall is officially approaching. Whether you will be footballtailgating or apple picking, a stylishjacket is necessary to keep you warmand look the part.  Check out ourFall jacket picks!

Marry Denim

It is not a secret jeans are lovedby all, but now no denim shirt, nodenim shoes, no style according to thefashion girls around the globe.  Youchose to #MarryDenim.  Still notsure? Get inspiration here from somestylish ladies!

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