Tome, BCBG, and 3.1 Philip Lim brought details to their looks outside of typical accessories this Summer 2016.
Catherine's Adidas Sneakers

See how Catherine of @BeautifullySpent uses her visual creativity to turn a popular basic into a stunning, unique necessity.  

Erin's Kimono

A frequent traveler for work, Erin can encounter different trends, temperatures, and styles that can make preparing her looks difficult. Find out why this kimono satisfies all her wardrobe demands.

Erin's Floral Blazer

It may be credited to her traditional upbrining in Chevy Chase, MD, but Erin knows how to identify items that have a subtle way of standing out.  Find out why this blazer meets her fashion qualifications

Emily's Off-the-Shoulder Dress

It can be difficult to stand out in a colorful city like Las Vegas, but Emily makes us a firm believer that a LBD is always a good idea.

Indie Patches

The origin of the patch trend was individuality and expression, slowly adding to a rad collection of unique pieces of a personality.  Create your own collection of cool, trendy patches with these lust-worthy pieces by independent artisans and shops.

Classic Levi's

Emulating vintage characteristics, these blue beauties are the ideal stand out jeans to perfect classic, casual style.

Mother's Day Edition

As an avid reader and undeniably the website's biggest fan, Vicki Ferko, mother to Co-Founder Abby Sonnett, deserves her day in the Fashion spotlight. Check out this special Mother's day edition that proves fashion trends are ageless.

Abby's Asymmetrical Shirt

Take a break from the Spring's popular off-the-shoulder tops and try a new style that will have you standing out from the crowd.

Abby's Denim Jumpsuit

As a Youngstown, OH native, FSM co-founder Abby Sonnett, was neglected of fashion trend education and this jumpsuit is a reminder why her favorite mall store knows just what a fashion enthusiast needs in her wardrobe.

Jessica's Statement Necklace

It is called a statement for a reason, and as a resident of New Jersey, Jessica knows how to spot one worth keeping. Find out why this necklace earned the spotlight in her wardrobe.

Allison's Adidas Sweatshirt

Allison Kahler, Michigan resident and co-founder of Flirt, Skirt, or Marry,

Unique Shift Dress

When you have an outgoing and witty personality your wardrobe tends to emulate your approachable nature. Click here to find out why this dress is a must have for the sociable Katherine.

Decorative Socks

Embracing the metallic trend and adding a fun dimension to any look, these socks overcome the socks and sandals stigma with ease.

Suede Coat

The eye for fashion is effortless and seems to come naturally to those who call Brooklyn, NY home, and the fact a trendy resident had to have this suede coat, should have any fashion follower running out to add it to their wardrobe. 

Half Moon Bag

Some people are shoe hoarders, others choose jewelry, and well some of us just love to shop!  Nothing is more exciting to a shopaholic, than a basic item that is so much more like this half moon crossbody bag.

Leopard Coat

This never goes out of style.  If leopard print is the new neutral, a leopard coat is forever a classic. Click to find out why this statement item is always a have to have it.

Leather Oxfords

When it comes to winter footwear, warmth is obviously the priority, but there are always those days perfect for rotating in a cute pair of shoes. Cue the oxford loafer!

Le Labo Perfume

Anyone that has ever walked the, what seems to be, mile long fragrance aisle at Sephora can agree finding the right one can be challenging and now thanks to Le Labo the perfect scent is no longer a myth. Find out why you Have to Have this perfume!

Faux Fur Coat

Besides it's obvious warmth, a fur coat is a classic and necessary supplement to everyone's wardrobe. Read on to find out why!

Western Inspired Belt

Versatility and function make this simple item your next must-have accessory.  Click here to see why this western inspired belt makes the Have to Have it list.

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